UPDATE: New Resources!

Greetings OWL enthusiasts!

We wanted to share that there are some newly updated Teacher Resources available. Based on feedback from a collection of workshop participants, the OWL Facilitator Team is working on some updates to the materials and curriculum. The first thing we were able to do was create some additional Common Backyard Animal cards to specifically feature your favorite invertebrates. On these new cards you’ll find earthworms, snails, millipedes, and even a cockroach! The team wanted the resources you’re using to support the well known statistic that about 97% of the animal kingdom is made of invertebrates!

Also new in the Teacher Resources section, you’ll find that the Habitat Images have been updated to include locations a bit more reminiscent of North Carolina. We’ve replaced the mountain image, added a new lake/Carolina bay image, and replaced the river image with one that looks much more like something you’d see in one of our state’s 17 river basins.

Finally, OWL is creating a newsletter that will be available to all workshop participants. It will likely only be out every two months, and it will feature program news, upcoming workshops, any new curriculum, and a the feature story will be about how YOU are using OWL! Check your inboxes this month for the first edition.